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Maintain company’s financial records, ensure that charts of accounts are set up correctly. Prepare accurate financial statements.

    1. Capture, identify, classify, post all the financial records.
    2. Prepartion of trial balance, adjusting entries and prepartion of financial statements.
    3. Reconcile accounts, closing entries and preparation of post-closing entries.

Create a financial plan for the future, using your company’s activities drivers, company actions, market conditions and current operational as well as financial data.

    1. Gather financial, as well as operational data and information.
    2. Apply the data in the financial model. Analyse the output and performance.
    3. Create a budget or forecast based on the data and information gathered.

Generate monthly management report. Analyse and report on company’s operational and business’s financial performance to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions.

    1. Develop suite of reports, with key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure performance.
    2. Gather financial data and information to analyse.
    3. Generate reports and provide recommendations for improvement.

Implement the tools and process for analysing financial data to create strategic plans for a business’s financial future.

    1. Analyse historical financial as well as operational data, farmiliarise with all company’s activities drivers and current market trends.
    2. Create financial models and projections for the future. Carry out series of scenarios.
    3. Generate the final plans including the provision of recommendations for financial strategy and planning.

Ensuring your company is meeting the statutory and legal obligations regarding taxes.

    1. Gather financial data and information
    2. Determine tax obligations and filing deadlines
    3. Prepare and file tax returns and ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations

Identifying and managing potential risks to your business’s financial security and establishing controls to mitigate those risks.

    1. Assess potential risks and vulnerabilities to your business’s finances
    2. Develop and implement internal controls to mitigate those risks
    3. Monitor and review the effectiveness of internal controls

Overseeing and managing your business’s financial operations to ensure financial stability and growth.

    1. Develop and implement financial strategies and plans.
    2. Manage financial reporting and analysis.
    3. Monitor financial performance and make recommendations for improvement.

Ensuring your business is meeting all legal and regulatory requirements related to its financial operations.

    1. Identify and understand relevant laws and regulations
    2. Develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure compliance
    3. Monitor and review compliance regularly

Creating a roadmap for your business’s future growth and success.

    1. Analyse current market and industry trends.
    2. Develop a business plan that includes goals and objectives.
    3. Implement strategies to achieve those goals and objectives.

Using purpose-built simulative models to analyse and forecast your business’s financial and operational performance.

    1. Gather financial and operational data that represent all the activities that drive your business.
    2. Build a financial model, using all these acctivities’ drivers, that will output into P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement projections and scenarios.
    3. Analyse and interpret these results to make informed financial decisions. Tweak as required.

Work with your company to help you develop and achieve your business goals by providing expert advice and guidance on various aspects of your business, that include financial management, growth strategies, and risk management.

    1. Initial consultation to understand your business and goals.
    2. Analysis of your business’s current state and identification of areas for improvement.
    3. Development and implementation of a tailored action plan to help the business achieve its goals.

Managing relationships between your company and your investors to ensure effective communication and a positive image of the company in the investment community.

    1. Develop and implement an investor relations strategy that aligns with the company’s goals and objectives.
    2. Communicate regularly with investors through various channels, such as conference calls, meetings, and presentations.
    3. Monitor and analyze investor feedback and market trends to identify areas for improvement. and opportunities to enhance investor relations.

Provide this type of accounting that allows your company to manage their financial information online through a cloud-based system, rather than using traditional desktop software.

    1. Set up and configure cloud accounting software for your business.
    2. Train you and your staff on how to use the software effectively.
    3. Provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the software is working optimally.

Managing your company’s payroll process, including calculating and distributing employee pay, managing tax and other deductions, and ensuring compliance with payroll laws and regulations.

    1. Gather and organise employee payroll information, such as days worked and tax information.
    2. Process payroll according to your schedule and ensure accurate and timely payment to employees.
    3. Ensure compliance with payroll laws and regulations, such as PAYE, NI, Pension and reporting requirements.

This involves identifying and claiming tax relief for research and development activities undertaken by your company.

    1. Identify eligible R&D activities and associated costs.
    2. Prepare and submit an R&D tax claim to HMRC on behalf your company.
    3. Manage any queries or issues arising from the claim on behalf of your company.

This involves assisting your businesses with process, activities and tools to help with securing funding for various purposes, such as growth, investment, or working capital.

    1. Assess your company’s financing needs and develop a financing strategy to meet those needs.
    2. Prepare and guide you with your loan or investment applications with every step of the way.
    3. Assist with negotiating and securing favorable financing terms and conditions.

This involves creating a presentation that outlines your company’s business plan, strategy, and financial projections, with the goal of securing investment or funding.

    1. Collaborate with your comapny to develop and refine the content and messaging of the pitch deck.
    2. Create a visually appealing and engaging pitch deck presentation.
    3. Provide guidance and support to you during pitch meetings and follow-up discussions with potential investors or lenders.